when things take a sour turn

Strangers of the Power 3 tells story about a woman named Marion who has a gift of healing. This gift made her want to become an adventurer. After passing the trials, her first job is less than glamorous one about taking care of a critter problem a city has. However, this seemingly simple first job takes a turn for worse that threatens the lives of many people…

What is new

Strangers of the Power 3 takes the series into a new direction. Compared to the previous award winning games, this game has the following

  • Instead of ability of choosing to play as multiple characters, the story focuses into a preset party of 4 heroes

  • First in the series, a worldmap and multiple locations instead of a single town and a dungeon

  • First leap into 3D from 2D


  • Classic JRPG with turnbased, challenging combat

  • 360 degree panned camera movement with VR compability

  • Game that rewards exploration and discovery